The Candidate 

Matthew Windheuser

Candidate Republican



Veteran Republican Campaigner

Endorsement: Pro-Life Wisconsin Right to Life

I ran for State Senate in my early 20's and lost in the primary,  After losing i analyzed the voter data..  In this analysis several lessons became clear.   Voters respond the most to being personally contacted during a campaign.  In the precincts where I went door to door, I doubled my opponents score.  But door to door is prohibitively time consuming and it is therefore impossible to personally meet every voter.  In spite of this, the personal touch remains the best way.  I needed to find a way of contacting several thousand voters in a personal way.  I settled on writing a short personal letter to as many voters as possible.  Since the last presidential election I have written letters to thousands of voters.  This effort is the core of my campaign for the 69th district .

Bob (Robert) Kulp

Incumbent Retiring Republican 

Successful Businessman 


Veteran Republican Politician 

Bob is a hard working, dedicated, and thoughtful politician.  He is extremely active on social media and he makes a point to consistently respond personally by debating issues or via personal messages  In the past i have been happy to vote for him with confidence that he will do the job with skill.  It is difficult to criticize his years of public service in the office.  Bob will be retiring and not running in the 2020 election.